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"Hospice isn't about dying, it's about living."

Moura Maun, Heart of Hospice Family

"Everyday is a new learning opportunity and I feel comforted to know I have the Heart of Hospice family to help me along the way."

Sharon Hatten, Heart of Hospice Family

"I never had hope until I had hospice."

Melvin Davis, Kids at Heart Family

"I have been extremely impressed by how Heart of Hospice has maneuvered this COVID-19 business. I have felt very secure as an employee under Carla's leadership.  I know this had to be absolutely exhausting and a rush at the same time, they did a beautiful job."

Mary Maguire, Registered Nurse Case Manager for Heart of Hospice - Western Arkansas

"To see that a company I work for that understands the struggles of the world today concerning EVERY situation is overwhelming!"

Sharla Scurlock, Account Executive for Heart of Hospice - Northwest Mississippi