Volunteers for Heart of Hospice – Western Arkansas Grant Patient’s Last Wish

August 3, 2020

Volunteers for Heart of Hospice – Western Arkansas Grant Patient’s Last Wish

Monday, March 2, 2020

(Fort Smith, AR) – Volunteers for Heart of Hospice – Western Arkansas joined forces to grant Sheila Edwards’ last wish of experiencing her first makeover.  

Edwards, who is on Heart of Hospice’s services for her diagnosis of _______, was raised Quaker. Because of her religion growing up, she never wore make-up, nail polish, or had her hair permed. As she grew older, however, she felt she had missed out on a part of life and shared this sentiment with her Heart of Hospice team.  

Having learned of Edwards’ wish, Heart of Hospice volunteers came together to help make her dream a reality. Volunteer and former hospice nurse and beautician, Sherry Gentry, former hospice nurse and beautician, gathered supplies necessary to give Edwards a formal perm and simple manicure and headed to Edward’s home the next morning.  

Edwards, giddy with excitement, grinned the whole time. She shared: “I love Heart of Hospice. The only complaint I have is that so many of their people come here to love me that I can’t keep their names straight!”  

Kim Dunigan, Manager of Volunteer Services for Heart of Hospice, adds: “Volunteers are an integral part of the hospice care team. They support patients and their loved ones through a variety of administrative duties, direct patient care services and specialty programs. We are so proud of the volunteer family we’ve built and look forward to continuing to grow our support.”

Recently, Edwards lost everything she owned in a house fire. To help Edwards, Heart of Hospice is asking for donations of women’s size 12-14 clothes or size 8–8.5 shoes. Anyone interested in making a donation for Edwards, or becoming a volunteer to provide hands-on support to a variety of patients and families, can contact Kim Dunigan at: INSERT.  

About Heart of Hospice  

Our vision is to transform end-of-life care in the communities we serve. We currently provide care to 16 regions across Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. We believe all hospice-eligible patients and those who love them deserve the best care at the end of life. Our mission is simple: to serve all patients and their loved ones the way they desire to be served.


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