Heart of Hospice Delivers Care Earlier in the Care Continuum with launch of New Parent Brand, Care at Heart

November 30, 2020

(Charleston, SC) - Heart ofHospice announces launch of new parent brand, Care at Heart. The brand launchcomes with the expansion of new service lines to deliver care earlier in thecare continuum.

Care at Heart will housenot only Heart of Hospice and Kids at Heart—Heart of Hospice’s Pediatric Careprogram—but also Palliative Care at Heart and Supportive Care at Heart, Heartof Hospice’s newer sister companies.

Carla Davis, ChiefExecutive Officer, shares: “Expanding our service helps us fulfill our visionof transforming the end-of-life care continuum in the communities we serve.While our hospice program continues to grow and provide quality care toeligible patients, we want to ensure everyone facing an advanced illness hasaccess to the care they need and deserve earlier in their disease progression.Care at Heart will help us serve patients during the last phase of life, ratherthan just the last few months.”

Palliative Care at Heart iscurrently offered in select markets with anticipated expansion throughout 2021.The Palliative Care at Heart model is built to meet the unique needs of thecommunity. Supportive Care at Heart will be available in all marketsparticipating in the Primary Care First demonstration model put forth by CMS.Supportive Care at Heart seeks to serve the seriously ill population through symptommanagement with an interdisciplinary care team wherever they call team. Thededicated care team will reconnect patients with community based primary care,or transition to hospice services, ensuring they are supported the entire way.

Davis adds: “We arecreating a functioning, holistic healthcare continuum that guides patients andtheir loved ones along their care journey, starting with their initialdiagnosis of an advanced chronic illness. I humbled by the opportunity toexpand our care upstream and realize our vision by caring to patients and theirloved ones in the last phase of their life, rather than the last few months.”

To learn more about theCare at Heart family, please visit: www.careatheart.com.

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