Here's The Truth About Hospice Care

We believe that all hospice eligible patients deserve the truth about what is possible with our care. Heart of Hospice has many advantages fostered by our culture to exceed the expectations of our patients and families. Below are a series of common myths about Hospice Care.

The Truth About Hope

Myth: "My father is just not ready for hospice yet."

Truth: If your loved one is eligible for hospice care, the Heart of Hospice philosophy doesn’t require you to be ready to give up. We will not ask you to give up the treatments you find comfort in, your doctor, or hope. Our medical, psychosocial and spiritual care is tailored to meet your needs and your family’s as you define them. ​

Ask yourself: What do I need to be ready for? Are you ready to be comfortable? Are you ready to have a team to support you to live where you want to live? Are you ready to have emotional and spiritual support for yourself and your family? ​

When you elect the hospice benefit, we will make sure that you understand the hospice services and the comforting nature of our care. When asked what our patients and families think about hospice, most of them say, “We wish we had chosen the benefit sooner.” Readiness isn’t a requirement to receive the care you and your family need and deserve.

The Truth About Treatment

Myth: "I don't want hospice to make me give up my physical therapy"

Truth: At Heart of Hospice, our mission is to serve all hospice-eligible patients in the way they desire to be served. Physical therapy, IV therapies, radiation and other treatments that you consider comforting may be included in the hospice plan of care.

The Truth About Location

Myth: "We want to keep Dad at home."
​ "Dad has been a resident in assisted living for years. He wants to stay with his friends."

Truth: At Heart of Hospice, we care for patients wherever they call home. Our patients are in their own homes throughout the community, in assisted living communities and in nursing homes; we also work with patients who do not have a permanent living situation.

The Truth About Advanced Directives

Myth: "I heard Hospice will make me sign a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order!"

Truth: At Heart of Hospice we serve eligible patients regardless of the decisions they have or have not made regarding Advance Directives. You will not be required to have a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order, Living Will or other Advance Directive document in order to get the care you need. Our interdisciplinary team will work with you to ensure your wishes are met. If you would like, as a part of our care, we have resources to provide education and support to help you make these decisions.

Have More Questions?

We're here for you, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to answer any question, big or small, or even come out and evaluate you or your family member for services. To get in touch with us you can chat with one of our team members below, call 1-844-HOH-0411, or click on contact us to email.