Family-Owned since 1896

Arthur Manigault, a successful rice planter, formed the Evening Post Publishing Company in 1896 to acquire the Charleston Courier which began publication in 1803. It was from this beginning in newspaper publishing in Charleston, South Carolina that Evening Post Industries was born.

Today, EPI owns a wide range of newspaper, television, interactive, real estate, forestry and healthcare investments with an operating platform poised for diversification and an aggressive acquisition strategy. Through information, real estate development & health and welfare, our company's focus is on companies that build community and continue the legacy of the Manigault family.

EPI purchased Heart of Hospice's original 3 locations in 2014, and has since continued to grow the brand into a multi-state hospice now with 12 locations. Heart of Hospice continues the vision for EPI to grow while delivering world-class service to it's patients.

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Evening Post Industries Mission

At Evening Post Industries, our mission is to serve all of our customers, employees, and communities by delivering on these promises:​

1. The promise to inform, educate and promote the well-being of our readers and viewers in our publishing, television and digital media entities;

2. The promise to execute and deliver effective marketing campaigns with our media and digital companies to help our customers grow their businesses;

3. The promise to serve our patients and their families in our hospice agencies with care, dignity and compassion;

4. The promise to maintain a high level of competence and deliver superior goods and services within all our lines of business as we add to the capabilities of our diverse operating company; and

5. The promise to deliver a safe, respectful and forward-thinking workplace to our employees, where clear and open communications and diversity are encouraged and championed.

We will accomplish these promises while maximizing our owners’ investment with unconditional integrity. In keeping with our proud history, we will bridge the success and accomplishments of the past to the promise and opportunities of our bright future.

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